Friday Favorites

Two posts in one month? Only a week apart? What?
So I was reading other blogs today I was inspired to do my own Friday Favorites post.
1) Hot Chocolate. I’m not sure if its the girl in me who like chocolate. Or maybe the weather but lately I’ve been craving hot chocolate.
2) Early Morning Showers. I’m talking, 7 am showers. This is not typical of me.  I’ve been getting up really early recently and just wanted to hop in the shower right away.
3) Hugs. This kind of gets deep though I won’t let it but I’ve been loving hugs lately. So, if I give you a hug don’t be afraid to hug back or don’t hesitate to hug me. I love the love.
4) Ellen. This is typical but I love Ellen.
Your week was fantastic, right?


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