Godzilla Snowstorm.

Its funny you know, how easily grade schools can be closed but when it comes to colleges and universities they’re going to be open whether its sunshine and 75 or of half the buildings on campus are gone.
Dear class,
We will not be meeting in our normal classroom today. The building has been demolished by Godzilla. Instead, we will meet at the local grocery store.
I hope you have all prepared for exam 2.
Thank you and watch out for the monkey,
Dr. Smith
Excuse me, what did you just say?
I’m not trying to get out of class because I’ve paid for it so I don’t want to waste any money. Its just interesting because grade schools are closed because they are the future of America. Well excuse me, those of us in college are closer to being the future than your 10 year old niece. Don’t give me an excuse on how those are public schools because I go to a public university. So tax dollars are coming here too.
Bundle up your college students before they head off to class because my 20 minute walk will give me frost bite in this wind.
Thank you and goodnight.
(Note: I love winter and snow. Going to class doesn’t bother me. I love learning. I just had a thought so I ran with it. It’s not THAT bad out here, but the grade schools are closed. No, Godzilla isn’t here.)

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