Greetings Friends!

I’m a cow obsessed, dog loving, food coma expert, and all-around nap time pro. I’m not ready to grow up or grow old. I like to push limits and buttons. I love my life and I listen to God. I like to blow people’s phones up so they can’t forget that I exist. My life so far has gone on many different paths. I haven’t yet decided or figured out what is my life mission. I am learning as I go, but don’t worry I am enjoying all that I can along the way.

I live in the great state of Michigan. I love it here! 4 seasons. 5 GREAT lakes. Sun, sand, snow, and [rain] showers! Don’t forget fall colors, Midwest flavors, beaches, forests, and more than 10,000 lakes. Also, we can point to our hometown on our hand.. no one else can claim that although many have tried. If you have never been to Michigan, this is your invite.

For now I’m tripping up stairs, fumbling over my words, eating too much food and making other people feel awkward. I don’t have anything figured out. I am making up most of it as I go along. Here’s my story and I pray that the ending is just as beautiful as the beginning.

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