Rumors Suck

There are those times when you just know people are talking about you, but no one will say it to your face. I don’t mean those days when your shirt is inside out or you have toilet paper on your shoe (does that even happen?). I mean when you see and hear people say things about you and you just want them to say it to your face so you can set things straight!

Well, sir or ma’am, those things, those rumors, they’re not true. If you see the need to tell people something about me that isn’t true in the slightest of bit, please go for it. I will go on living my life as if you have nothing better to do than to talk about me behind my back or right in front of me. 
It just frustrates me that I have a moment of weakness and things spread like a wildfire. 
So here it goes, I’m going to let you in on a secret of mine. I know I am not the only one who fights this emotion. It’s called embarrassment. We’ve all done things in our life that makes us feel embarrassed. As in, I’m not completely proud of myself for doing so and I will never do it again. Well this keeps biting me in the butt. I’m not going to give away what it was because I am embarrassed. (Note:Nothing illegal, I didn’t go streaking, truth or dare wasn’t involved, etc.) So this thing, that I did is having its way of being twisted and stretched to make an even worse story than it actually its. 
I just want to say for all you readers, I am perfectly happy being single and I love the fact that I am single. I have no intentions on dating anyone. Shoot, there isn’t anyone that I have my eyes on. I have found myself happy and content living the life I have. I have friends who make me happier than I have been, I am in the process of finding myself a career that I love, and for the majority of the time I couldn’t be at a better place in school right now. So take your little rumor and shove it back into your brain and leave it there. 
I know this isn’t the first time I’ve dealt with a rumor and it wont be the last, but what I can tell you is that rumors suck. They make it hard to interact with people and to go about your daily life. All I can tell you and myself is to keep your head up and this will pass. People will forget about it. Those who spread rumors have nothing better to do with their lives and are finding “flaws” in other people’s lives to feed on. Just be the best you, you can be.

Don’t be afraid to feel the need to talk to someone about it. I am here, I will listen.


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