Birthday BS

“It’s just all apart of getting older”

That is nonsense and one big cop out if you ask me. It’s not “just the way it is” or “it doesn’t get any better”. It goes back to its all what you make it. Granted I did not make my birthday what I wanted it to be this year. I tired, that’s for sure, but other factors were involved.

Make the day what you want. Go as big or as little as you want to. I am a believer in birthdays and celebrations of any kind. If it’s something worth celebrating to you then go out and celebrate it!

Birthdays to me are important. It’s important to me to be with those that I love on my birthday. I want them to feel special on my special day. That’s all. It’s simple really. We don’t have to do any big number. Just simply be together. I want to feel special on my day and I want others too as well.

It’s really hard when people tell me over and over again “It just means you’re getting older” or “it’s all part of getting older”. Plan and simple it’s an annoying statement. Basically telling me that my life is over and I just need to accept it.

Now that I have gotten that off my chest I’m giving you a list of things I love to do on my birthday with others:

  • Hike
  • Travel to a new to you city
  • Sit in a cabin in the woods
  • Go out for a nice dinner
  • Learn a piece of American history
  • Go out for brunch
  • Wine tasting
  • Raise money for your favorite charity or organization
  • Go to the casino
  • Board game night
2 years ago wine tasting on my birthday!

Me before my hike last year on my birthday
Out on my hike last year on my birthday over looking Lake Michigan

Those are just a few things I have done or want to do on my birthday. Some more simple than others but it doesn’t matter to me as long as I am with those I care for on my birthday and make them feel special along with me.

I hope where ever you are or whoever you are with you have a birthday that suits you to a T. I hope no one, I mean no one, tells you that’s just how it gets when you get older.


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