What’s This Fall About?

You have probably read a 1000 and 1 post about how amazing Fall is and how this is the perfect time of the year. I am not saying that I disagree but I am also not saying that I agree. I truly like all of seasons, because I love living in a place that actually has season. I always say how nice it would be to have it be 71 degrees year around but honesty, no I would not. I mean how wonderful is it that we get 4 seasons? Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall. Not in that order but I digress. Each season has their own wonderful things and not so wonderful things.

What’s this Fall about? Why do we love seasons so much? There are so many reasons to love seasons. Before I get to that point I do want to mention that I know there are so many people out there who get seasonally depressed. I am one of them. Reason being is that my body lacks certain vitamins, ACTUALLY I learned that there are a lot of Midwesterners that have this issue. It’s the fact that we start losing daylight and the skies become cloudy and grey for months. I mean who wouldn’t get depressed? I still love the seasons even though they have their not so wonderful reasons.

Reasons why I love Fall might (not) surprise you. Hint: It’s not because of Pumpkin Spice drinks. I could live without those. Now I know a lot of these reasons I share with other people.

  • I love the change in the color of leaves. I know, I know this is a lot, and I mean A LOT of peoples reason they love fall. No surprise there. Looking at the picture above who doesn’t love those colors? Red-brown, yellow, green, orange! They all compliment each other so much. It is so beautiful.
  • It’s cuddle season. Yes I cuddle year around but now it’s easier to grab that big fuzzy blanket and just snuggle down on in.
  • It’s the time of year where you can pull out the big cardigans, the cozy sweatpants, and the hoodies. OH MAN THE HOODIES! Who doesn’t love to be comfy and cozy?
  • The storms. Fall to me bring the most amazing storms. Unfortunately, those storms could lead to damage to people’s homes and property. Call me crazy but I love walking down a trail and finding a newly downed tree because of the storm that rolled through the night before. I lived in a place where during a wind storm you would drive to watch the waves on the lake. I may miss doing that, but I hoping there are a few times this fall I can go drive to the lake and watch the storm come in. Which reminds me the canal that goes through my town can have some really big rolling waves!
  • Fall recipes! Soups, baking, casseroles, breads, stews, etc. The cooking and baking are endless in the fall. Summer can be too hot to use an oven which in turn makes Fall to be the best time to use the oven! In fact, I just made soup yesterday!

Thank you for letting me ramble about fall. I do really love the seasons and I hope you live in an area where you can experience the 4 seasons. So with that said, what is your favorite season?


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