Cooking Adventures

My adventures lately have been less traveling and more trying things closer to home and some even in home. My goals and aspirations have slightly changed, but don’t worry my desire to travel is still there. I still want to experience the world and I still have my travel bucket list. In the past year, even in the last 6-7 months, I have shifted my life course back to what I have always wanted to do. This means I am going back to school this fall! I am starting my adventure of become a dental assistant. I am unbelievably excited and I cannot wait to finish but I also know that the road ahead of me is going to be stressful and I need to focus the entire way through.

So what about my adventures lately? I have learned so much lately about cooking and food prep! Its only about a drop in the ocean compared to what is out there but I am only just starting. What started these adventures? Well, if you must know with the prices of everything lately I felt a need to stock up on items when they are lower in price and when they are in season. Who doesn’t want to have fresh asparagus in September/October or lovely strawberries in November? That is what I have done.

My first adventure was learning to blanch asparagus. I have never done anything like that before. So I set up my pot of boiling water, next to that I had my bowl of ice water. The asparagus cooked for only a few short minutes and then into the ice water to instantly stop the cooking. Next to that I had my paper towel to dry them off. I used a large sheet pan to freeze the asparagus. I put them into a large gallon sized bag. Freezing them before hand allows me to only grab what I need when I am cooking instead of having to thaw the entire bag.

This was way easier than I thought it was going to be. I now have a lot of asparagus to enjoy whenever I want to.

I realized something when creating this post. I need to photograph/video my progress a little more if I am going to be writing about them. I am feeling inspiration from a movie called Julie & Julia. I want to cook my way through a cook book. Now, to be able to get beyond my dislikes in the food world.


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