Travel Locally: Your home deserves it.

I can admit that traveling and being away from home is an amazing feeling. You get to experience what life is like outside of your comfort zone, even if you are traveling within your own country. Lately I can’t help but want to give back to a place that has given so much to me without question. Where I live is so lush and beautiful that I can’t help but not love it. There are days, just like everyone else, that I need and want to get away, but coming home is one of the best feelings.

Traveling locally and experiencing things as as tourist can open your eyes and heart to things you may not have known before. For instance, I have a new found love for all the hiking paths that are around me, I am honestly surrounded by them! Or how Lake Superior has caught my eye again and I can’t get over how photogenic the lake is.

I love that the horizon is almost invisible between the blues.


I gave back to businesses that only help and grow our economy. A must see spot while people are up here is the Monk Monastery.  It stands out among the trees and Lake Superior so when you drive past it you really can’t miss it.  Honestly how cute is their bakery? I love it! They have tons of different jellies made by local berries (some of which they grew themselves in their garden)!  It is such a cool place that I am so looking forward to when I can go back!



I feel so good when I can give back to the Keweenaw Peninsula. Sure we’ve had our differences and we still do, but this is a gorgeous place and living here has been a blessing.  I have had my ups and downs living here, there’s no doubt about that, but that doesn’t dispute that this is a beautiful area. On any given day that you go out and explore you can stumble across many different hidden features and views. This foot bridge below here just popped out from the trees, Lake Superior playing peek-a-boo from behind the trees as I topped the hill, even on a foggy day has the trees boldly show their colors from across Lake Fanny Hooe.



The next time you go home, where ever that may be, don’t forget to travel around and be thankful that you get to call that place home. I am sure that wherever you live you can find something beautiful. If you can’t you’re trying too hard. Promise me, I’ve been there done that.


So I ask you, doesn’t a place that raised you and had a part of shaping you into who you are today, deserve to get a little love back?


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