Who Are You? Who Will You Be?

What are your dreams? What do you want to become? When you leave this beautiful Earth what do you want to be known for?




For me, I want to be known as a dreamer, a doer, an adventure seeker. Someone who lived outside of the box. A person who knew their comfort zone and constantly jumped out of it. Someone who stood their ground and moved with the world.


I don’t want to be known for someone who joined in on the rat race of the corporate America lifestyle. Someone who lived the 9-5 job and then took work home. I’d rather not scroll through Facebook/Instagram/Twitter and see all these beautiful posts from friends that are traveling around and truly enjoying life. I want to have those posts that people look at and wish they were there! I want to inspire people to travel! There is so much beauty in this world and we are so focus on landing that job right out of college or high school that we forget how much there is to this world.




You see where I am going with this? Travel is in my heart and traveling is where I need to be. Where exactly? I don’t know we’ll see where the wind takes me! I have a few plans in my notebook that will hopefully (after the craziness of summer simmers down) make it’s way into reality. For me happiness isn’t sitting a desk drawing out some plan or talking to clients in rooms that feel like closets. I want to draw plans that take me to places I’ve never been. I want to show “clients” what their potential is by taking them out of their comfort zones!



We all have that one passion, one goal we want to accomplish in our lives. If you tell me you don’t, I will call you out. You just haven’t found yours yet. Don’t get discouraged you will one day! Until that day, just live your best life and don’t stop trying new things!


So, now I ask you, who are you?


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