Applications after Graduation

“The only person you’re going to disappoint is yourself”

This quote is motivating, but how long until after that is said until the first person becomes disappointed? Right now I feel that I have disappointed some people because I don’t have a job yet. Trust me, I am applying like crazy. There is literally only so much I can do once I send my application, resume, and cover letter. What else can I do? Yes I can do a follow up e-mail or phone call, but I cannot do more than that. I can’t sit in on whoever goes through those files and pull mine out and be like hire this one. 
I also loved the remark, “So now that you’re graduated you’re just sit around all day?” That was really motivating and touching. After that was said I really just wanted to jump right into the world of applications and resumes. It might have been said jokingly or out of love, but it hurt. Give me some time, graduation was seriously less than 24 hours ago. (Or at least from when that was said to me) 
I promise you I don’t vent this whole post. 
Applying and interviewing for jobs is emotionally draining. You’re in competition with thousands of other applicants and you should feel lucky if your application/resume gets looked at for more than 5 seconds. I feel like you have a better chance of meeting your famous idol than landing a dream job. Now, before you go criticizing me, I do not expect to land my dream job right now. Heck, I don’t even know if I could describe my dream job to you. 
There is a lot more pressure than I thought there was to get on my feet and start my life. Why is everyone else in a rush for my life to begin? Why can I just live the way I have been. Yes I’ll get a job. Will it be the job I will have for the rest of my life? No. Will it help me get by? Yes. Everyone just needs to “chillll” and just support me in whatever I choose to do. Don’t worry, I’ll be okay.

(I wrote the beginning part a few weeks ago)

As of now I took a couple weeks off from applying to jobs. I know, I know “You’re not going to get a job without applying.” Well I needed to figure some things out.


I am taking the summer off to figure out what I want to do and where I want to go. I know for some people this isn’t the ideal situation. Trust me, I know. I don’t WANT to do this, but I feel like this is something I NEED to do. If I could have a job right now and be using my degree to good use I would be.

I haven’t spent a summer with my family in two years and to get one last one in will do me really well. If you’ve been following my blog, you’d know that I am very family oriented. Since I could be ending up anywhere in the coming months I want to get as much family time as I can.

For now I am working at my parent’s mom and pop resort and enjoying life in the harbor one more time.

If you have any tips or hints for a recent grad please let me know in the comments!


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