About My Blog And Other Blogs

While I scan the many of blogs that I follow they all seem to have one thing in common, they all post the same content. It’s 5 tips about this and 10 tips about this or the top 20 something of the year. Well I am here to say that I don’t do that here… that often. This is a personal blog. A blog about my personal stories, events that happen to me and that I go to, or just things I want to share with you in general (such as this post here).

Now, I realize that those topics are what people are looking for these days and they are going to get you the most readers and the most views. If that’s what you are in the game for then I hope you are achieving your goals. I really am!

I only hope that you also share stories and adventures. I love hearing about peoples travels and their most amazing picture of a dolphin jumping out of the water during their Caribbean cruise. Don’t get my wrong I love reading different tricks and tips. I also hope that people like hearing about my stories and my adventures.

To me sponsored content can be annoying. Sometimes you can read a post and know that even though they are getting paid for it, you can tell their are being 100% honest with you. Other posts you can tell they are only being extra nice because maybe, just maybe, they might want to have you sponsor another post. I know this because I did a sponsor post once and let’s just say that I don’t plan on doing other one because the rules were so strict.

Edit: I just found out that a fellow blogger posted about 3 Lies About Working With Brands over on her blog! Go and read it, even if I just contradicted myself.

Anyways, I just had to get this out. Carry on.


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