My Favorite Author

I don’t read as often as I should or want to. This is what most people will tell you. I am one of those people. Sometimes, while I am reading, I can’t read fast enough to get through the story. I try to read faster because I love the story and I want to know what is going to happen. Moral of this story is when I do read, I love to read.
My most favorite author to read is Elin Hilderbrand. 
I like her books because they are easy summer reads. 
I have read three of her books and I want to read more. 
Barefoot was my first read of hers. I will not give anything away, but it is exactly what the book says. “Three women. Three secrets. One long hot summer.” 

The Beach Club I totally related to because my parents own a small mom and pop resort in Northern Michigan and I could understand the opening of different buildings. Other than that a very good read. 
A Summer Affair is another good read, like they all are. This book sort of made me mad during parts of it because of certain characters behavior but it was over all a good book. 
I highly recommend reading her books. Her books are summer romance books. If you are not into those books then don’t read them, but I HIGHLY recommend you giving them a shot. I plan on ordering a few of them to read throughout this summer.  
Let me know if you have ever read any of her books. Do you recommend one of hers? What about another author?
Here is her website to view all her books and to learn more. 

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