Dear Mom.

Dearest Mothership,

You are appreciated. You are loved. Those two things you are not told enough.

I don’t see you as often as I used to. That does not mean that you do not cross my mind every day, multiple times a day. I miss you mom and I am not afraid to say that. There are days where a phone call does not cut it. I will admit that leaving school and driving 10 hours to see you sounds like a good plan. Then, when I call you, you tell me how that just isn’t realistic. Even though you tell me you miss me too, you know that school is important.

You need to know that you will never and can never be replaced. I’ve had some great role models in my life and I still do. None of them will ever be as great of a role model as you are. You have shown me that no matter what you do what you have to do. Even if that means packing up everything you own and moving roughly 600 miles away from your hometown and family. I realize now how hard of a move that was on you. I also realize you did that because you had your family’s best interest in mind. I don’t blame you (or Dad) for that at all. Don’t think your hard work goes unnoticed. For you getting up at 4 am every day is like a walk in the park. Doing this isn’t your first choice, but you do it because you have to.

I’ve realized that in these past few years that you are not only a mom to 3 kids and a dog, but you have family all over the world. Thanks to social media, I have seen what a difference you have made in so many lives. Your family stretches beyond the borders of this nation. You have kids in places such as Serbia, Jamaica, Russia, Dominican Republic, Poland, Macedonia, Romania, and Turkey. I’m sure I could name most of them, but I won’t because I can’t spell in other languages. You have 30 plus non-biological sons and daughters all over the world, living all sorts of incredible lives! That’s not to mention all of you non-biological sons and daughters that live here in the states.

Thank you for giving me your unconditional love and support. All those years that you have sat on the bench at basketball games or drove 160 miles to see me swim. Those years you had just as much dedication to my sports as I did. Then there was those times you slept out in the van so I could attend an awkward middle school dance. Mom, you’ve done so much. How do I ever repay you? As I get older, I realize more and more how much you have done for me and continue to do for me.

I am proud to say that you are my best friend. Over the years you have been my secret keeper, my therapist, my bank :), my biggest fan, my shoulder to cry on, my motivator, my taxi driver, my doctor, and many more. I know I have been your pain in the butt, your headache, the reason for your tears (happy and sad), your mini me, and things in-between.

I love you mom. Forever and always.


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