Burn Out

College students have a lot going on.  Most of us are taking 12-18 credits.  Which means we are in class 12-18 hours a week.  I want to emphasize, that’s only class time.  Every professor preaches how for ever ONE credit hour we must spend two to three hours of studying outside of class.  Doing the math, that would put you 36-54 hours a week of strictly studying.

Total hours a week for classes 48 – 72
Total hours = 48 – 72

What if, lets say, you want to be involved.  So you join an organization; which meets once a week.  Typical organizations have something going outside of the meeting at least once a week if not more.  So lets say, including the meeting, you spend 3-4 hours outside with the organization.

Total hours = 51-76

Now lets add in time for sleeping, eating, and grooming.  An average college student does not get the recommended amount of time to sleep.  Let’s say on average a college student sleeps 6 hours a night.  You spend 2 hours a day preparing and eating food.  Grooming, which will include showering, dental care and getting dressed, takes an average of 45 mins a day.

Total hours sleeping, eating, and grooming = 59.15
Total hours = 110.15 – 135.15

College students need money.  So we need to work.  I would say that 10-15 hours a week working would be plenty for a college student to make enough money to buy food and gas.  Then maybe have a little spending afterwards.

Total hours = 120.15 – 150.15

This does not include socializing, commuting, and any other “extra” stuff we humans do.  I forgot to mention that one week, 7 days, is only 168 hours.  You have a minimum a little over 17 hours to do whatever.  No wonder when we all go home are parents wonder why we want to sleep most of the time. It’s because we are exhausted!

No we don’t HAVE to do this, but as I stated most of this is expected of us. Employers like to see recent grads that were involved while in school. It shows time management abilities. It shows them that we didn’t just show up and do the bare minimum.

College students are put to a standard of being super human.  We are expected to be able to accomplish this and more!  To be able to juggle everything at once and never crack or fail to hold it, its near to impossible.  We, as young human beings, are burnt out by the time graduation comes around.  There is a reason why young people aren’t gung ho about getting a job right after school.


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