Here’s To My Final Year

Hello Ferris,

You don’t know me and for the past 4 years I have weaved in and out of your buildings, walked over your sidewalks, parked where I shouldn’t have, and laid in the middle of quad watching drunks stumble through on St. Patrick’s Day. I’ve met some of the greatest people, lost friendships that I thought would last forever, and I’ve gotten sick over mongo. I’ve sat in my room and ate ice cream and watched Netflix alone on a Friday night (by choice), I switched majors, and also thought about switching schools at one point. After all that, I have stayed and I don’t think I would change it, not one bit.

As I start my fifth (and hopefully) final year, I want to say thanks. Looking back at the day I moved into Clark Hall in 2011 on my first day I was scared and I didn’t want my mom to leave. Now I am heavily involved in the greatest RSO on campus, American Marketing Association. I’ve taken up a director role and will begin an internship at a local nonprofit, along with taking 15 credits. Who knew that the scared, naive Natalie would grow into such a motivated, brave young adult. Not to pat my own back.

First dorm room and first day of class

Now I can’t imagine where I would be if I would have stayed in the Dental Hygiene Program. What friends would I have or would I even have made it in the program? Not to dwell on things that didn’t happen. Like I said I would not trade it for anything. The friends I have made have taught me so much about my professional career and life. The group projects (yay.. arrrg!) were and will forever be a blessing in disguise.

I want to take a quick moment and give a shout out to all the professors, advisers, and other staff at Ferris that work to help students grow and reach our goals. We wouldn’t really go any where if it weren’t for you. So pat yourself on the back, and shoot, give yourself a gold star. You truly deserve it.

So Ferris, as one of the 14,000 (or whatever the number is) students that will soon be back on your campus, I want to say that you’ve been on of the greatest enjoyments, adventures, and lessons that I have been blessed with.

Here’s to another year of memories, lessons learned, friendships made, grades earned, and professional growth.


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