My Dream Job

Every one knows the question that you ask every little kid.  “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Most of us have all these dreams and goals about what they want to be. How many of us reach those goals or follow those dreams? I don’t really know the answer, but today I have had a epiphany.

All my friends and family (should) know that I want to work for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Honestly, I don’t care what I do, but I just want to end up there. I want to work for the hospital that works wonders for the families and children that has heard one of the worst sentences ever formed. Why? That’s the question I always, and yet not often enough, get asked.

It all started in November of 2008, when my mom and I were driving back from “town”. I don’t quite remember what we were talking about, but in some way she asked me if I wanted to do anything for my 16th birthday. I didn’t say much as I was lost in my own thought. After a few moments of thinking, I said that I want to do a fundraiser for St, Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I can’t tell you what went through my mom’s head at that moment, but shortly after we started talking about fundraising options. 

I didn’t care if I raised 10 dollars of 10,000 dollars. I ended up having just over 1,000 dollars and to me that was incredible. The story continues, as my family and I made our way (driving) to Memphis, TN. We toured the campus and dropped off the toys we had bought with the money raised. I’ll tell you this, the moment we were done touring the campus, I knew that I wanted to be there some day. 

So this morning as I am having my cup of coffee and watching the morning news I realized what I want to accomplish. Not only do I want to work for St. Jude, that will always be there and never fade, but I want to help kids raise money for kids with cancer. We all hear those heartfelt stories about this kid and that kid that has a best friend who has cancer and wants to give all their money to help them then the next thing you realize the kid has raised over 100,000 dollars for cancer. I want to help them reach their goals.

Kids, Cancer, and Family. I want to help those three things. Not sure how I want to get there. I don’t know my steps to get there, but I’ll get there. I wont stop until I do.


2 Replies to “My Dream Job”

  1. To dream of working in a hospital in order to help other people is truly a kind thing for you to do. Even at 16 years old, you have always dreamed of helping people, and it is truly inspiring and remarkable for someone at a young age to be concerned about others especially those who are less fortunate. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and I hope you will one day achieve your dream!

    Celine Goodson @ RMS Recruitment


  2. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much! I very much appreciate this. I am working toward my goal at this very moment. I have begun my career in the nonprofit world. Every step gets me closer to being at St. Jude!


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