Coming To Terms 2

As I left off I was telling you on how as a 10 year a little town changed a person, me. This town definitely shaped me to be, bitter. That and the fact that I was working with the public, either cleaning rooms or waiting tables.  Anyone who worked with the public can attest to this.

During the end of middle school and beginning of high school I started to avoid and block off the townspeople. Then again, our personalities do not mix well AT ALL. I will also add that there was a huge age gap. I believe I noted that I had one person who was close to my age. (Side note: I am awful at staying on topic when writing this.) I didn’t even want to do any sort of business with them. I went on the, “If you’re nice to me I’ll be nice to you…maybe” path. I had the ability, as most people do, that when someone is mean to you, you have no regrets shutting them off completely.

So, back on some what of a track, this town demolished a once happy Little Natalie. Now looking back on it I realized I held too much of a grudge. I don’t miss living there in the slightest, but I miss not taking it all in when I had the chance. Right now as I live in a greater metro area I realize how much travelling you have to do, to do outdoorsy stuff. There are trails that weave in and out of town but nothing I can reach by walking outside my house.

There is nothing like walking two Copper Harbor blocks and jumping into Lake Superior. Being able explore the miles and miles of wilderness. Also, it was just another day to have a deer, bear, or coyote in your back yard. It actually amazes me how fascinated these city slickers are by a deer. Like, yes that’s a deer. I would have them within 10 feet of my front door multiple times throughout the year, nothing new to see here.

Copper Harbor is also very picturesque. I have taken many a pictures of the sunrise and sunset. The trails and waterfalls and shoreline, its all just stunning to look at. it all beats the cityscape 100 fold.

Get these views in a city. I dare you. 

The beauty of this place is something to really take in if you ever get the chance. This is what broke Little Natalie out of her rut. On some days it wouldn’t even phase me, but others I couldn’t believe how amazingly beautiful this place was. How could one Man make such a beautiful place? 
I guess you could say that these two summers away from living in Copper Harbor has made me realize what I had now that it is gone. I will not use the “m” word. I do not miss living there, I miss what I had. Don’t get me wrong I love living in the town that I will forever call home, but there is not enough nature here. It’s too much of a concrete jungle, people here lives to work instead of working to live. It’s saddening to me to watch people do that. 
So here’s me reintroducing myself. Hello. Welcome to my life. I will not take anything for granted. I will appreciate what I have when I have it. I will take all the picture I can take, whether they are mental or digital memories. Live without regret. Join me?

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