Growing Up

I hear the saying, “I wish I could just color and watch cartoons my whole life”, or a variation of it a lot. I’ve seen it on the internet and I’m sure I’ve said it a time or two. When it comes down to it what does that really mean? What message are we, as young adults, trying to get across? I’ve thought about it for a while and I’ve come up with my answer.

We are scared. Us late teens, early twenties, maybe even late twenties (I don’t know I’m not there yet) are scared. We have no idea what is in store for us in the future and it scares us. Or well it scares me. So many factors contribute to this as I say it. I’ll give you a few that come to mind;

  1. Education
  2. Job
  3. Marriage
  4. Money
I could go on, but four just seems to be a good number. I had a list of ten and out of pure laziness I condensed it to four. Let me elaborate for you.
When I say education I mean college. A higher education. 
Now, I’m not sure if you have kids or if your kids are going to college or maybe they took a year off to “find themselves”, but college is expensive. That’s a broad term. I am in 3rd year of college. I am lucky enough to have wonderful parents who help me out in college.In their words, they will do everything it takes to get me a college degree. 3rd year of college. I, my parents, pay roughly 10,000 per semester, a little more, a little less depending on the amount of credits I take. That is 20 grand a year. NOT including books and other things I may need for my classes. 
Think about it. At the end of this year I, once again my parents, would have paid roughly 60 grand to my school. That’s just to let me live on campus and go to class and eat in the dinning halls! 
Want to work at McDonald’s the rest of your life yet?
Books cost me about 200-500 dollars a semester, which also depends on if the newest addition is needed or not. You could get by with buying an older, used addition but you also may have a professor who REQUIRES the newest addition. Add on any additional materials you need for classes. Science major? Lab coat, safety goggles, etc. Art/Architecture major? Rulers, X-acto knife, PENCILS, etc. Say your major and I’m sure there are multiple additional materials. 
I’m sure you get the point and going on would only make me more upset and how much this all costs. 

You finished college. Yay you! Now, did you get a job?
We as young adult are so afraid of the possibility of not getting a job when we graduate. I know I am. Heck, I’m worried about whether or not I’ll be able to get an internship let alone a job. Also, whether that internship is paid or not is troublesome to many. 

I just read an article today about how many people are getting engaged and married under the age of 23. Here. Many of us are constantly asked, “So, do you have a boy/girl friend?” Now we all either A) laugh and reply with, “Are you kidding me?” or B) Run and hide forever. Please I beg of you do not ask one that question, unless they have one then ask how they are, but even that could be a rocky subject.
Those of us who are living the single life don’t even know if marriage is in store for us in the future and that scares us. Are we going to be living alone for the rest of our lives? 
I know. We are all, at some point, worried about money. Shoot I am right now. With the beginning of the semester almost upon me I have books to buy, food, personal items, and oh I wouldn’t forget to mention car repairs that I need to get done. Now, without a job, how are we as young adult supposed to start our lives in the vast world? We can’t or I’m sorry, I don’t believe we should live off of our parents the rest of our/ their life. (You’re welcome mom and dad) 
Those are my thoughts. You have yours. Please, if you disagree with me and let me know by commenting below or agree with me below. 🙂
Hope you are enjoying the holiday season!

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