Google, how do I get home?

Well as originally planned I should be 560.7 miles from where I am now. I am not. I’m still here in Grand Rapids. Which I am okay with because I love it here, but I am not happy with why I am still here. 

I tried traveling those miles. I only made it 37 miles. 

I was 523.7 miles away from seeing my parents! I was 523.7 miles away from step one to making it to San Francisco! 

It was me, Sir Phillip Ralph III (my beta fish), and the road. We were just at the very beginning of a wonderful 9-10 hour bonding road trip!

I knew I shouldn’t have left. I knew there was a reason my check engine light came on the night before. I knew it!

No my check engine light had nothing to do with why I only made it 37 miles. My engine seems to be fine. Or at least I think it is. 

Gas tank was filled, car was packed, coffee in hand. I was ready to go. One issue, I had to go to the bathroom. It is so like me to have to go to the bathroom at the beginning of a road trip. Why didn’t I hold it? Why couldn’t I have made it 10 more miles and stopped at the rest area? You’re probably thinking to yourself, well never go on a trip with her. She is one of those “I have to stop every hour to go to the bathroom” people. IT’S NOT MY FAULT! and no,  you’re wrong.

I stopped in the wrong place. I did. Too many winding roads, black “invisible” ice. Yes, thanks to you ice I am now here in Grand Rapids. I hope you’re happy. I HOPE YOU MELT!

Bubba, my car, is in rough condition, but he is strong and will make it through. Yes, my car is strong, he has a personality. I love my car, get off my back. 

The Accident


After my fender got straighten out. I now can open my door all the way! Progress people, progress.


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