Christmas 2013

We did it! My family, after many many years, finally was able to spend Christmas morning together and just as a family. Mom and Dad, Adam, Jenny and I. It was wonderful! I have to give a shout out to my Aunt Colleen and Uncle Mel and family for letting us use their house while they were out of town for the holiday. 

Normally, and when I say that, for the last 8 years or so we’d all be at my Grandparents house and have Christmas morning there. As much as I love my grandparents, there is just something about opening presents in the morning when you get up and then going to their house from Christmas breakfast. 
Mind you that this is two family’s presents.

I really enjoyed being with my family this Christmas; even though the whole family wasn’t together. I still enjoyed it.  

 These pictures were taken separately and we all have similar facial expression. Can you tell we are related?

I have one more Christmas to go to, which is my cousins Christmas party. We all drew names and bought that person a gift, you know how it goes. It makes me upset that we are not all going to be there but 99% of us will be. As you get older it will be harder and harder to get the whole family together. 
As I said early I had part of my family out of town for Christmas and my sister Jen took care of their house and watched their dog Bailey and my cousins cat Fraidee. So Bailey got to spend Christmas with my family and Ellie!

Mosh of picture Jen, Adam and I took.

Alright to the part I’m sure you weren’t waiting for.

What did I get for Christmas? Well there comes a time in any persons life when their Christmas gifts become practical and over the year our gifts have become more and more practical this year was the most practical.

My gift list

1. My parents got my muffler fixed! Now I don’t sound like a monster truck! Yay Bubba!
2. Yoga pants
3. Sicolcogy (Si Robertson’s Book)
4. Si Robertson air freshener
5. A couple bumper stickers from Duck Dynasty
6. A cow light!
7. A lock for a gym locker that I can use at school
8. Gift cards
9. A cow coaster

So maybe not all were practical but the muffler was. 🙂

My cow light!

I hope your Christmas was just as enjoyable as mine was! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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