You Are Better Than You Think You Are

We judge people. We judge them for how they did their hair that morning. We judge them for wearing those shoes with those pants. We judge them for how they talk or how they listen. We judge them for not listening to the same music as us and yet we can’t come around to listen to the same music they do. We judge people for getting down on both knees and talking to a higher power. We judge them for not speaking our native language, but yet expect them to cater to us when we go to their home country. We STILL judge them because of what color skin they have or what country they call home. We judge them because of who they voted for or who they didn’t vote for because they didn’t vote at all.  We judge them because they didn’t go out last Friday night or any Friday night. Then we judge them for loving someone who we couldn’t love ourselves.

We live in a judging world. It’s who we are as humans. Maybe you don’t call it judging, but comparing. We compare others to ourselves everyday, whether it is in person, on TV, or searching on the web. It happens, people compare themselves all the time.

We try to better ourselves by watching those who we find attractive or those we see living a better life. When will we stop comparing or judging others? Never.

Look in a mirror. Look at yourself. You are better than you think you are. Tell yourself that, say it out loud. You need to hear it from yourself. Once you can accept that from yourself you will start accepting it from others. Better yet start accepting others for who they are and stop comparing and judging them.


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