Trips, trips and more trips.

               For a while now I have been hemming and hawing about where to go on trips that I want to take very very soon. One will be next year January 2014 for my birthday and then another one will be a spring break/summer that I take over seas some where. I need help though.

               For my birthday I would like to either go to Nashville or San Francisco.  
I have never been to either. I have been to Memphis, Tennessee. I have driven through Nashville on my way to Florida. Never have I stopped in Nashville and if you don’t know I am a huge country music fan. Then there is San Fran which in this case I have never been to California. I have cousins that live in SF, and it would be cool to see them. Also we most likely wouldn’t have to pay for hotels because we could possibly just stay at their place. 
                For my spring/summer one I am down to four choices; Australia, England, Italy, or the Netherlands. 
I don’t have any explanation other than I really want to go over seas and for my first trip I would love it to be one of those places. 
                Do you think you all could lend me your thoughts and opinions. If you have been to any of those places I would love to hear how your trip went and what experiences you had. Also maybe some things that you would’ve like to know before you left for your trip. 
                 I also have been thinking about starting up a Podcast or maybe doing a vlog. I have to do some thinking and some planning to see what it would take but I really want to do it. 
These are pictures from my trip to Minneapolis.




This picture is of the Roto Rooter van. 
I take this picture because of Ghost Hunters. 

I know this post is a mesh of stuff and its very unorganized, but that is my life. 🙂 
Hope everyone is having fantastic start to their week!

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