Life Isn’t Bad After All

As I sit here in my bed I am thinking, I honestly do not have a rough life. I’m at college, I’m getting an education, I have a place to lay my head at night, food to eat, friends to talk to, I could go on and on. 
I am very blessed to be able to have all those things in my life and much more! I have people who love me and a blanket that never fails to keep me warm. I don’t know why I complain so much life is not that hard for me. 
I am praying more often now and I feel as if that take a lot of stress away/off my shoulders. I pray about my happiness about my family and about my friends. I pray that those people who do not feel as if they are not fortunate or lucky to have some place to call home realize that they are. I do not go to church, but I feel as if you don’t need to talk to God. If you feel it in your heart and in your mind then you can do it. (and that goes for anything)
I hope that one day I will give some child a life just like both my parents gave me and my siblings.  
I want to start giving back to people, not even those who have given to me. Let me explain myself. On my home on spring break I was at a gas station filling up my car. Now I didn’t even think twice about how much to put in or if I was going to have enough money to pay for it. I knew I did and like I said I didn’t think twice. There was a lady a couple of pumps over who was crying about how she only had ten dollars to put in and she was afraid that the people inside working the counter were going to “judge” her because of how little gas she put in her car. Now I really wish I acted upon my thoughts and given her 20 dollars and told her to fill it up or keep putting gas in and I would cover it. As I drove away full and ready to hit the road I was beating myself up that I didn’t do such. It’s become a habit of mine to pay for the persons toll behind me on the bridge, but I did not do it this time. I don’t know why, but I didn’t. I am content with where I am in life and what decisions I have made to go in the future. I am ready to take a few more steps (not in a hurry) toward my future and my goals. 
Have you ever had these days where you just sit and contemplate about your life that you realize that it isn’t so bad after all? Our middle class status isn’t as bad as we thought it was or that the fact that you have healthy kids or that you are happy with your job or where ever you are in life. 
Transformation Tuesday!
Have a terrific Tuesday!

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