The Tenderloins Live

This past weekend I went to Minneapolis to go to see The Tenderloins live! It was a long drive to get there (11 hours) but I made it and I had a blast! I had no idea what to expect when I got there and I am going to be honest when I pulled up to the cinema I was thinking to myself, this is it? From the outside and surrounding stores it looked, in my exact words, “very sketchy”.  The place was actually very nice. I had never been in a theater that had tables to eat dinner and watch a movie. It was a whole new experience for me.
The show was amazing.
They; Q, Murr, Joe and Sal, came out to the stage to the song ‘Sexy and I Know It’ by LMFAO.  The moment I saw them I freaked out I screamed ‘Oh my God they are real!’ For me it was weird, a good weird, seeing them in person after only seeing them on TV and also on their YouTube channel; The Tenderloins. I was star struck for sure. From then on I don’t remember ever not laughing or smiling.
Now I will not tell every detail of the show because I do not want to ruin it for anyone who may see them in the future.
At the beginning of the show, they asked the questions most people would think that they would ask; Who is the oldest, the youngest and who drove the farthest. Well I drove 10 plus hours to get there so without a doubt I raised my hands and shouted 10 hours! Someone else said 2 hours, and I had to laugh because that wasn’t a far trip at all. Some other lady said she had driven 11 hours from the UP of Michigan and if you follow my blog you already know that I live in the UP during the summer time when I am not at school. Even from the farthest point in the UP it does not take 11 hours to get to Minneapolis. Sorry lady but you lost. Anyways, after that lady told them where she came from, Murr turned back to me and my sister and asked where we came from and in sync Jenny and I both said Grand Rapids, MI and they were all like ‘Oh my god are you two twins”. Jenny and I just laughed . Continuing Murr asked what we do in Grand Rapids and I said I go to school for Advertising and Jenny told them she works in HR. Having had a little mini conversation with them made me beyond happy. 
The show consisted of a lot of improv, some experiences they’ve had on the road, and then a little bit of the show. If you all like their podcast or their show in TruTV on Thursday nights at 10 pm I highly highly suggest that you go and see them live. 
Here are just a few pictures I took at the show. I would have taken more, but my phone died. 

Get it Murr
Yes, I got to meet Murr and Joe. It pretty much has made my life. I just love them, especially Murr!
I definitely plan on going to see them again! Their show was amazing! I am going to say it again, go see them live or check out their show on TruTV or their many YouTube videos (The Tenderloins) or check out their Tenderloins Podcast. You honestly do no know what you missing if you don’t! 
Now my next mission is to get James Murray (Murr) to celebrate my 21st birthday with me. 
Hey Murr if you read this would you please celebrate my 21st birthday with me?
Hope everyone has a fantastic week!
What did you all do for your weekend?


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