I Believe In…

Things I believe in..

Kids playing in the grass
watching the sunset
eating ice cream for dinner
sleeping in until noon
the laughter of kids
second chances for those who deserve it
catching fireflies
a kiss on top of a ferris wheel
wearing sweatpants
dressing up just because
smiling from ear to ear
going for a Sunday drive
Cowboys & city girls
going for walks alone
dancing around in your room to your favorite music
having a best friend
long late night phone calls
being/getting scared
fairy tales
movie marathons
expressing yourself
love at first sight
going sledding
watching football on Sunday
summer baseball games
eating ballpark hotdogs
pulling all-nighters
giving hugs
talking to the elderly
playing with puppies
taking a bubble bath
going out to dinner on Friday nights
going to county fairs
celebrating birthdays
saving money
90’s music
homemade dinners
Christmas morning
creating a family
curling up with a cup of hot tea
Kool-Aid smiles
a roaring fireplace
a good book
Thanksgiving Dinner
making a snowman
celebrity crushes
New York City
surfing on the shores of California
marrying your high school sweet heart
biting your nails
smiling to strangers
going for a run
watching chick flicks just to cry
trying to fix something yourself
going window shopping
test driving cars
watching old home videos
eating a whole box of chocolates

Just some things I came up with while I was sitting in class. So much more, but so far that is my list. 🙂


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