Sibs and Kids Sweet Weekend FSU 2013

This weekend was Sibs and Kids Sweet Weekend here at Ferris. I don’t have any younger siblings or any young cousins or anything like that. I couldn’t really enjoy bringing someone here to have a fantastic weekend. But that is not to say that I didn’t have a fantastic weekend. I did. I got see all the little kids and their smiling faces.

I am really not a little kid person, let me rephrase that. I don’t like 50 little kids running around. There were so many kids running around.

So Saturday morning I got up at 7:00 am to go and volunteer for their sweet morning in a hall across campus. Who’s idea was it to give kids sugary sweets in the morning? Crazy right? Oh man there were a few kids that I saw that probably had to much sugar, but they were having fun and that was what the weekend was all about. I helped out with the Chain Reaction game. I also passed out tickets to kids who either made cookies or just were getting involved with the activities. Those activities included Chain Reaction, Jeopardy  X Box 360 Kinect, Cake Walk, Cookie and Gingerbread house making, Starburst guess, and Pictures with Brutus.

After the Sweet Morning was over with (about 12:30) I had a few hours to have lunch and relax before I had to be back and volunteer for Life Sized games. My game was Chutes and Ladders. It got really boring for me because I had other expectations  for the design of the game. I probably did 3 or 4 rounds of that game. At one point I believe that I had about 10 people playing and in the beginning it got really crowded when everyone was drawing fours, fives, and sixes. 10 people was probably the max that it should have been or maybe it was just a few people too much.

That was my weekend. A weekend of volunteering.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. 🙂


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