First Day Of The Spring Semester

So my first day is over. Yes, its only 2 in the afternoon but its over. I woke up early, like 7, to make sure that I was ready for my 9 o’clock class. I was a little worried that I was going to be in a knot because I didn’t have any of my books and well I still don’t. But hopefully when we get the delivery soon I will have one or two.

Today I had my accounting class, management class, advertising class, and pop culture class. Its definitely a mix of classes but I think I am going to be okay this semester. A lot of people have trouble with accounting but I think I am going to like it. Yes its classified as a math class but its a business class. My professor says that numbers don’t matter concepts do. Love it! So I could have the totally wrong number but if I use the right concept, the right way to solve the problem you got it! My management is going to be pretty nice. The guy is a former casino manger. Actually he started his own casino, which is really cool. Advertising class is no sweat. It is just a seminar class. A couple of presentations here and there and a little bit of reading. Now for my most interesting class is the pop culture. The guy is a bit different. I mean the class will be okay, but I don’t know if I am going to be able to sit through 15 weeks of the prof. But hey i signed up for the class so I have to go through it all.

Being back at school is really weird since I had just over a month off of school. I found out that a lot of people are not coming back this semester. Some for financial reasons and some just transferred. It makes me sad that when I saw them last semester is probably the last time I will see them.

How was everybody’s Monday?


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