Looking Back on 2012

What was the greatest things about 2012? Let me create a little list for you! šŸ™‚

1. Almost to the date I started this blog! Happy blog anniversary!
There have been many ups and downs to this blog. Kinks and loops to sort out. But I love the way my blog looks and I love blogging. I have meet so many people through blogging and all of you are wonderful!

2. I finished my 1st year of college!!
That was one bumpy ride and let me tell you, from the time I started school to the time I finished school I grew up so fast. I cannot believe all theĀ challenges and tribulations that I have been through and completed! Go me!

3. I met some awesome new friends this summer while working.
Some of these people will definitely be friends for a life time. If everything works out the way it is looking to be we all will be working together again this summer!

4. Ā I believe within my heart and mind that I grew up.
No only did I grow older but I believe wiser and smarter. I know some of the things I shouldn’t have done this year and some things that I should have done that I didn’t.

5. I have made some mistakes in love.
You know how somethings you’ve said and then after the fact you regret saying them? I have found out that, that happened to me. I have said somethings I shouldn’t have said and now many relationships have changed because of that.

6. You have to take care of yourself
With my dad having to do into this surgery with his foot I have learned not to put things off medically it could mean bad news bears.
What have you all done in 2012?


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