Impractical Jokers Review

I have never done a TV review but I am going to do one just to get the word out about this show and if you have already heard of this show then now you will know my thoughts and opinions on it. 
The show is Impractical Jokers and its airs on TruTV on Thursdays at 10 pm. It’s a hidden-camera practical joke show. This show will definitely make you laugh until your stomach hurts. Seriously you all need to watch this show! If you’re having a bad day or you need a little (or big) pick- me-up watch this show. You can watch clips on or you can go to their Youtube channel and watch their clips as The Tenderloins. 
Anyways to the show. There are four guys on the show; Murr, Q, Sal, and Joe. They are four life long friends who make a living out of embarrassing each other in public. They do anything from falling asleep on complete strangers to strip high five to rubbing lotion on people on the boardwalk. The four of them come up with different things that each of them have to do in public. When its their turn they have to do and say what the others tell them to via an ear piece. 

So let us take the most recent episode for example they all have to protest something and have a complete stranger join in by grabbing the extra sign and walk around with them. Three of them would stand off at a safe distance away not to be noticed and one would have these signs that they don’t know what they say. Once they look at it they have to chat or protest and try to get someone to join in on them. Their signs read as followed. Murr – Help me lift my restraining order, Sal – Tax that ass, Joe – Wash it after. Now Q did not have a sign because he bet Joe that he could get someone to join in on the protest betting the whole show with him. 

What do you mean betting the whole show? Well throughout the whole episode there are probably three to five different task that they have to do and if they complete it they get a thumbs up if not they get a thumbs down and the loser at the end of an episode has to do something… yup you guessed it embarrassing. So at the end of this episode Joe was put into a stock and people from the public came up and did things to his face. Things such as hit him with fish, or a pie, you know things of that nature. 
This show is amazing. I love it so much and I am not sure I have laugh so hard at a show in a very long time. So like I said earlier if you need a very good long laugh or something to make you smile watch Impractical Jokers on TruTV at 10 on Thursdays! 🙂

I hope every one is having a happy new year! 

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