New Years Eve Whatchamacallits

I forgot to write about what I did on New Years Eve. Well since I work with my parents we normally throw a New Years Eve party at our bar and this year wasn’t any different. We decorate the bar and make little finger food appetizers. This year we made veggie pizza (which is always a hit!), meat balls, chicken wings, bacon cheddar ranch pinwheels, water chestnuts wrapped in bacon, and cheese and crackers. 

Every year we have the same band (or parts of the band) which is Chasin’ Steel. They are great! People up here love them and after years of having them at our New Years Eve party why would change it up?
I thought I had some pictures on here but I must have put them on my mom’s computer to use for her business Facebook page. Whoops! 
I only have about a week left at home and its off to school for me! If I could go back now I would but I know I have to be here and help out my mom because my dad is still laid up from his surgery and he will be for a while. He needs to heal completely before he can start walking around and doing things that he normally does. But the doctor gave him the okay to come home so today he made the 10 hour trip back here. He stayed at my grandparent’s house for the time being.
What have you all done since the new year started?

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