Help, I need somebody.

To all my followers out there, whether you end up reading my every post or not. I need some help or maybe some to just listen.

Have you ever given your all in some relationship, whether it be friendship or romantic relationship or something else, and you got hurt? Yes, I’m sure that is most of us. It’s where we all get our strength right? So I might have just answered my else but I still have a lot to say and I may ramble on, but there is just a lot on my mind right now.

I have given myself to so many different people when they need it most and I’ve felt for them, some more and others and all they do is stomp around on me and I crumble like dirt. I don’t like to hurt people at all and I know I sometimes do and after the fact I die inside because of what I did. Don’t think of me as a bad person because at one point or another in your life we have all hurt someone even if we didn’t know it.

Right now I am talking about a friendship. I have given this person so much of my time and they know almost everything about me. I found out some vital information about this person that I was taken aback when I heard that they didn’t want to tell me (heard from a third party). It’s been eating me alive for a while now and I don’t know what to do. I do not think this person knows that I know. Actually I am 95% sure they do not know.

What I am asking you is… do you think that I should tell this person that I know and ask them why or keep it to myself? I feel as if, if I tell this person that many relationships between a few people will change. This person is a huge part of my life and if I were to lose them I may just lose myself.


2 Replies to “Help, I need somebody.”

  1. My guess is they haven't told you YET for a reason. Right now just silently support them as much as you can while at the same time making it very obvious that they can confide in you if they want to.
    I wouldn't take it personally, I know there are a lot of things about myself that I will never tell anyone, but that is just because I am me.


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