My little Dexter

Today I got to spend almost all day with my little cousin Dexter. 
He is so sweet. He is six months old. All he does it laugh and make noise. 

I just love this little man and I am going to be completely honest. I am not 100% percent comfortable around little babies because I am not used to it. I’ve never babysat in my life. Well, I take that back I have but there were old enough to go to the bathroom on their own and knew how to eat. This little guy is a whole new experience for me. He hardly ever screams or anything its nice. Yes what you are seeing in the picture to the right is a giant bear. I got that from one of my friends at school. She couldn’t take it home (her mother told her not to) so she asked me if I knew of anyone who could put it to use and I thought of my little cousin Dex! (Thanks Jobeth!)

Now I haven’t really done anything with my life since I have been done with school. Definitely a lot more blogging. A total of three blogs in three days! (Go me!) I have been taken care of my papa. He is going to be laid up for a while. The doctor says three months and then my mom says that she will be happy if he is useful by the first part of June. Other than that, nothing.

Don’t wake up and miss it all. 
Can you tell I have nothing else to talk about? Sorry my life isn’t real exciting right now. 
Any questions?


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