Pinterest Pickings!

It’s a new week so its time for my Pinterest Pickings!! 😀 First I am going to tell you what I have done on my Pinterest list. 
I completed the wall organizer.. or whatever you want to call it.  You can find that here. 😀
It was a lot of fun doing that project and I am thinking about doing it again.
I have a few projects going right now. I have my chalkboard wine glasses.  I am interested in seeing how they turn out.
Here are some more projects that I may do and just some pins that I love.

1. PATRICK DEMPSEY! Oh how lovely is he? I just had to pin him.
2.Wedding Thank You notes. I know weddings cost an arm and a leg, BUT Pinterest has helped so many people take hundreds or more off of their bills for their wedding. These are so cute and touching too.
3.I love this outfit! It’s so me. I just may have to go out and buy this for myself. 😀
4. What a touching story. Here is where you can find the story.
5.I can’t wait to try this out! I will be doing this on Monday so stay tuned for that post later. I would give these out to friends and keep some for myself. 😀
6. I love this lighting here. I may just have to try this in my dorm room. Only thing is that I can concrete walls so nothing really sticks to it. Any Ideas?

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!!! 😀


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