The Blissful 100 [21-40]

Time for another 100 Blissful!
This list will have no order of importance or anything of that nature. Just anything that makes me happy.
21. Cake Boss

23 Chocolate
24. Ferris State University

25. My Friend Sammie

26. Dunja, Slavko, Shada & John
27. Getting big tips
I’m a waitress so what do you expect? I wouldn’t get upset if I got a big tip. 😀
28. My whole family being together
I am a huge family person.
29. Learning
31. Being Alone
Everyone likes alone time right?
32. Country Music
Or music in general. I should do a music list that I love. 😀

33. Playing my drum set
34. Swimming
35. Having a day off from work

36. Weekends

37. Concerts

38. Cute Kids
I’m not a baby person, but I love cute kids
39. S’mores
40.Criminal Minds

There you have it my number 21-40! 😀 Hope everyone single one of you are having a FANTABULOUS Monday!!

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