1st Pinterest Done!


I finally finished my first Pinterest project! I am in the mood to help keep myself more organized at college and I found this wall organizer with pockets. So I thought well why not? What do I have to lose trying out my creative side?!? 

So with out further ado! Here is my finished project!!!

Yes I like cows, cow print and all things black and white. So this is only right for me to have done it like this. I couldn’t have, in no way, done this on my own with my imagination. You can find the instructions and more here at Choose To Thrive. She has so many different projects that you can do alone and you can do with your little ones. I, do not have any kids (not even married), but these projects that she has on here makes me want to do these with kids! 

I am so proud of myself!!! 😀 I am not an artsy person, but doing this makes me want to do more!!! So… here I go!

Hope everyone’s Wednesday is going FABULOUSLY!


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