2020 Vision

Okay sorry, I had to title it 2020 vision. Those posts have been all over social media and I just couldn’t help myself.

What I also can’t help is get irritated by people who keep saying that 2019 was such a horrible year. Gosh, they said the same thing in 2018 and yet nothing changed. Nothing will change unless you change yourself.

So much good and bad happened in 2019 and I wouldn’t be the person I am if all of it didn’t happen.

Going back to the beginning of the year. I explored so much of my new home. I fell in love with where I am living. I couldn’t be any more excited to be living here and continuing to find myself.

Speaking of this place. I can’t talk about my new home without talking about my new family or my new work fam.  They are EVERYTHING. I know, I KNOW I am a lot to handle. My sass gets the best of me 110% of the time. For that I am sorry, not I am sorry I am going to change, because I am who I am. I just know my sass crosses the line and if I could just keep it to a minimum I would but let’s be real that would take a miracle.

So work fam, if you read this, thank you, thank you from my sometimes too sassy of a heart.

I experienced so many new things this year that were never my cup of tea but I experienced them nonetheless. I just hope I continue to experience new things and take them head on first. Most of these things happened through work, but if I didn’t jump out of my comfort zone I wouldn’t ever have these experiences. I “played” golf.. okay, okay I hit a couple of balls, only teed off once. I saw the Young Americans, which is definitely not something I would say is up my alley, but it wasn’t what I expected to happen. I tried mushrooms cooked in all sorts of different ways, still don’t like them.

In 2019, I got to see my boy play live! Now of course we didn’t win because we are the lions, but that doesn’t matter. What mattered to me was that during this game I saw my boy play and I got to spending time with my family.

I climbed these stairs 1000 times. I need to climb them 1000 more. Yes, I’m like every other human being that wants to work on their fitness this coming year. Here’s to working on becoming fit in 2020.

One of my most favorite things I did in 2019 was meet my favorite author! She came to Petoskey and I about wet my pants meeting her. Weird thing is I wasn’t wearing pants this day. I cannot wait until she comes back or come close to the area so I can go see her again!

Besides me looking high as a kite, I had so much fun hanging with my lady friends at the Ferris Tigers game! I love these ladies so much I cannot wait to see them in 2020! So much history between us and it’s history I am so proud of.

I cannot talk about 2019 without mentioning that my BESTIE got married. She asked me to be her maid of honor and an honor it was. I was more than happy to listen to her rant, vent, share excitement, get her dress fitted for the last time, and hold her dress while she peed at least 10 times.

She is an absolute blessing to have in my life. We accomplished so much together and apart and I don’t know where I would be without her.

While 2019 might be over 2020 is just a couple hours away. I cannot wait for the adventures I have planned and for those I don’t. I cannot wait for the coffee overdoses and excessive napping. The laughter, love, friendships, lessons, food, all of the good things. The break downs, the missteps, the heart aches, the tears, the words that I shouldn’t have said, well I can wait for those but I’ll take them on just like the good moments.

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