Fueling The Fire Within

I have this burning passion for traveling. It all started when I got back from my trip to Seattle/Portland. It was so freeing and and eye opening that I want to do it again. I have goals and achievement that I want to accomplish and most of those have to do with traveling.  Traveling to me not only fuels an adventurous soul, but also keeps you humble. This world is so massive and so breathtakingly beautiful that I believe it takes more than I lifetime to travel it.

How many of us out there say that we can quit our jobs and travel the world? Live chain free from a desk and explore the great world that we live on. Honestly, who would want to be tied to a desk week in and week out just to be able to pay for the next expense or the next vacation. Your life could be your vacation!

That’s where I want to be. I want my life to be a vacation. I want to travel the globe exploring new places, gaining new experiences and leaving my uncharted mark. I know it can’t be all play and no work, but that’s the point. I want a job that leaves me to be able to work from anywhere, travel to anyplace. Whether it has to do with my degree or I learn a new trade, exploring and traveling is whats inside of me, what my soul is made out of I believe I need to start planning my next stage in life.

This is where I need your help. What are some of the first steps that I should do? Should I be self-employed or do I look for an organization that not only allows me to be free and work from anywhere, but pays me to do so?

What have you done to meet your goals and live out your dreams?


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