Small Town Courtesy

When you live in a destination town things are a little different. Well, scratch that, a lot different. You know everyone by name, business name, all their relatives, where their kids are living, etc. etc. You form a very dysfunctional family with them and although sometimes its hard to believe, when things get tough you stand together.

Right now for instance. My tiny town of under 100 people are gearing up for the fourth of July celebration. I should mention we have already geared up for it because the fourth craziness is already here. There are hundreds of tourists walking the streets and running a muck as I type this. Its nothing but a mad house in my town. It’s good, it’s bad, and it’s money.

Some things I don’t understand. People LOVE my town, which is a good thing, but then why do they treat it with such disrespect? Bikers, pedal bikers, all pedal bikers, ride the road like they own it. People leave trash every where. Causing chaos until all hours of the night. It’s complete and udder disrespect for the town and the people who live here. Yes, people actually live here.  Don’t get me wrong, enjoy yourself. Enjoy everything this town has to offer, but just understand that you don’t rule this town.

You see these businesses that line the streets? They are all own by people who live here. A lot of them get up early in the morning and open their doors to serve you. SERVE YOU. Why then, turn around a destroy their town? The tourist don’t have the slightest bit what some of the business owners do to be able to turn on the open sign. Some days are harder than others, but they do it all because of you, the tourist.

All I ask is that someday when ever that may be people start showing a little more respect to this town and little more appreciation to the people who make it all work.


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