My 2016

I have seen too many posts about how awful it was in 2016. Really? You can’t find anything about 2016 to make it a good year? This makes me feel that a lot of my friends are pessimists.

I had so many great things that happened to me this year. That’s not to say that not a thing went wrong, because there were some awful things that happened too.

In 2016,


I made many new friends

I turned another year older

I was even more honest with people than last year

I started loving myself

I stood up for myself

I got a job

I quit my job (yes, I find this to be a good thing)

I get to spend yet another holiday season with my family

I survived another cold and flu.

I paid my first student loan payment.

I grew closer to my best friend.

My fish survived a year under my caretaking.

I didn’t crash my car.

I drank lots of wine.

I found out that I like stout beer.

Cows are still my favorite.

I kissed the boy I liked. (Take note the past tense of “like”)

I learned A LOT.

I made money.

How could you not have a list of good things that happened to you in a whole 365 days? This is only a short list, but it’s a list none the less.


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