I am here.

I want to write a post to those who I have lost touch or those who have lost touch with me. This may be unoriginal or copycat, but I assure you these words come from the heart. DISCLAIMER: I love every single one of my friends near and far and young and old and old and new.

Have you ever sat down and thought to yourself, why am I the only one who makes an effort? Well I am here to tell you, you are not the only one. (Jeez I should tell myself that right now) You are not the only one who grows tired of trying to stay in contact with all your friends.

I believe that I make a huge effort to talk to people and to stay in contact with them. Only recently I have grown annoyed at the fact that I seem to be the only one who does. I realize everyone  (or what seems like everyone) has their own lives and has moved on. A little “hello, how are you” wouldn’t hurt you.

I have this feeling that it sucks a whole lot more for some one in my position. All of my friends either live in the same city or are with in short driving distance that wouldn’t take 10 hours of your day to see each other. I have had this issue since I’ve moved to the harbor. I learned that no one really wanted to drive out to the harbor to see me. They all wanted me to go into town to see them. Do you realize how heart breaking that is? It’s the same now though, I’m living in the harbor and although I’d drive 10 hours to see people and visit them and do as much as I can to spend a day with them, not one has said hey I’ll come visit you next time. Wait, let me back track. A few have said they would come visit, but when the time came every. single. person. had some thing else come up. It just makes one think, is it me?

I am tired of my relationships being a two way street with a one way signore. So, yes, if you’re one of those friends thinking “wow Natalie hasn’t contacted me in a while” , well maybe I have grown tired of being the initiator.

I’m not looking for someone to spend a weeks of their vacation here, although it would be nice. No I’m just saying making an effort on your part would be nice for a change.

Now, enough of the poor me attitude. 

To my friends that I have not spoken to in a while,

I am here.

Although I am not within coffee shop date range or let’s grab lunch vicinity, I am here.

I am here if you are having one of those days. I am here if you just heard the best joke ever and need to tell someone. I am here if you can decide if you should eat pizza or a quart of ice cream for dinner. (FYI my answer will always be ice cream) I am here if you just need someone on the line because you are walking to your car alone. I am here if the music during the movie just got creepy and you know someone will pop out of the bushes and behind your couch. I am here if you need to vent about you boss or a coworker or the idiot who didn’t turn their blinker on and cut you off. I am here if your dog just made the cutest face ever.

You get it? I am here. It might have been 8 months or 8 years since we’ve talked but I am here for you even if the rest of the world isn’t.

Love Forever and Always,

Your friend



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