50 Years Of Forever

While I sat on the giant chair on my parent’s property, I watched this car pull into the parking lot of the restaurant/bar I noticed that it is an elderly couple and the first thought that ran through my head is that they aren’t going to want to stay here because the restaurant is closed. Then I notice they are still getting out anyways. Cute as can be couple. I watched the man get out of the car and I can tell he must be up there in age because he struggles to get out of the car. He walks over to the driver side and helps his wife out. As they walk to the building they are holding hands and it litteraly brings a tear to my eye. If I was thinking I would have taken a picture because what I just witness ladies and gentlemen was true love. The kind of love that you have for your best friend, your soul mate, your other/better half. It makes me think about every friend of mine. Those who I’ve loved more than a friend and those whose lives are no longer a part if mine. In any way I have touched their life and they have touched mine, its changed me to be the person who I am today.

This couple made me realize that I can’t wait for love to come find me. I have to go and find it. I have to search high and low. It could be easy as it finding me, but if I don’t look how am I supposed to find? You answer that ladies and gentlemen. 🙂

When my grandparents had their 50 year anniversary, I was in awe of everything. Their love for each other, their marriage, their friendship and how no matter how rough it got for the two of them they stuck together and went through it. It makes me want a relationship like that. 🙂 Now I know not every relationship is like that but don’t we all want everlasting love?

What is your relationship like or what kind of relationship are you looking for?

Note: I wrote this a long while ago. I reread it today and I found this adorable. To this day I can imagine that little old couple.


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