Life at 221 and Magnolia

I start my third week at store #221 and my fourth week at Magnolia, both have been great thus far. Although I have crazy hours and there is no sense of routine, the paychecks are nice. I greatly enjoy my coworkers, they have been some of the most welcoming people I have ever met. Always asking me if I am getting the hang of things and if I need anything to never hesitate to ask. The praise and kindness that everyone gives each other is overwhelming at times. It is so wonderful to see people with that much appreciation for each other.

Magnolia has been great, as well. I have the same feeling for this place as I do #221, I feel like I’ve lived here longer than I have. It’s nice only being 4-5 miles from work. It’s a quaint neighborhood, quiet, which I like. I will say I cannot wait until school is out because then there wont be so many school buses that go by every morning. Does anyone else realize how loud those things are?

When I was 10 I never thought the day would come when I would start my life back in Grand Rapids. It’s finally come and I couldn’t be happier. I do miss my family, because as a frequent reader would know, I am a family person. I try to talk to my mom as much as I can, but also knowing that when I talk to her I just get sad because she isn’t here with me. Along with my mom, I do miss my dad and brother and Ellie just the same.

I cannot wait to see what this summer brings. I hope that there is adventures and lessons, trials and tribulations, as well as money being made.

I’m living in a booming city, there are photographs to be taken and one of these days I will take them. Ha, haven’t we all heard me say that before.


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