Summer Camp!

I’m not very good at writing. The thing is, I don’t know what to write. I don’t have a very exciting life. I mean we all know that I don’t live in a place that I am fond of.. at all. I’m in college with only a year and a half left. I love taking pictures. Which speaking about taking pictures I finally get to take my first class on photography this coming fall! I am very excited!

That’s about it.


That’s all I can think of about myself and my life?

Let’s see…

I am going to be a camp counselor this summer! Have I mentioned that before? Yeah I am! A camp in the great northern lower peninsula of Michigan. My first time being a counselor (all summer)! I was first a counselor in high school where, as a junior, we took sixth graders to a local camp for three days. It was an interesting experience, but I loved it!

This camp is an 8-9 week camp, for me at least.

I am all sorts of excited!

I cannot wait to get there! I have about 17 more days!
I apologize for not going into anymore details. I just cannot do that.


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