One Step Forward, a GIANT Push Back

Sometimes I just want to scream at the top of my lungs. WHY CAN’T YOU JUST BE HAPPY FOR ME? I don’t get it. I finally have some big news and you proceed to tare me down like a piece of unwanted paper.

So rewinding, I got big news. I received a phone call yesterday about someone wanting to interview me! Awesome, right? That’s not the best news either. I’ve already had one interview and now this one and I have a pending interview! If getting a job is hard, getting an interview must be easy. I don’t know. I have to look on the bright side, because at least they are interested in interviewing me right? One step at a time!

You know how when you get really good news there is one person that comes to mind that you want to tell? Well yeah that happened to me. I called them and told them and their response? “Oh good for you.” After that, things went down hill. I apparently, after getting this interview at a second job, wasn’t taking everything into consideration. Well, excuse me for making a pros and cons list of each of the jobs and trying to think of not just how much I am going to be making, but which one I will learn from the most. Let’s just say, that it didn’t sound like they were happy for me at all.

I know making money is a good thing, but it shouldn’t be number one. Not to say that it shouldn’t be a big pull, but there are other things to consider. Plus this is a summer job, I’m not going to be making millions. I figure I have one year left to have a “fun” summer job. Anyone of these jobs, if I get an offer that is, could be amazing and an awesome experience.

I don’t understand why, when someone comes to you with good news we can’t just congratulate them and be happy. Don’t just turn the tables and go all crazy on them.

All I want right now is for you to be happy for me.

Thanks for letting me rant, but now that I am riled up work should be fun.


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