My Brother

Adam, my brother, is probably the best brother I could ever ask for.  We are best friends, even though those words may not be spoken out loud we are best friends.  We fight, of coarse we do because we are siblings.  It’s not those kinds of fights that last for days.  Just give us an hour or even 10 minutes and we’ll be over it. 

Adam is strong and I don’t mean physically, even though yes that is true.   He is emotionally strong and has a strong faith.   His younger years were some what different than what he is now, but he overcome that and I am proud of him for that.  He’s been through a lot in his life and not to say that he’s been through everything, but what he has been through he has come out even stronger on the other side. 

He can be quite bone headed sometimes.  He gets on my nerves and just makes me so frustrated.  There are sometimes where I don’t know if he knows what he wants to do for the rest of his life, but I pray that some day the answer comes to him.  Not to rush it or anything, but I hope that day comes soon.  

He beats himself up over the little of things sometimes.  He  needs to learn and let go.  Things happen, its life and things are always go to happen and go wrong.  Nothing comes easy to those who work for things.  I am no expert, but from my experiences and what I observe around me I have noticed these things. 

All in all,  he is my brother and I love him so very much!


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