Cami, I love you.

For those of you who are reading My Dear Cami and don’t know what happen let me tell you. This is all I know and I do apologize in advance if I have gotten some of the information wrong, but being 9 hours away from it all information doesn’t always get to me.

Yesterday morning some where between midnight and 5 am, Cami took her life. It’s be said that she was bullied. I don’t understand this. What are the rewards of bullying someone? That’s right there isn’t any. Now I do not know how she took her life, but that is not the point, the point is that she did take her life.

I knew her only for a short time. Every time I saw her she was always smiling and she had a laughter that would make everyone else laugh because of the happiness in her laughter.

I am very blessed to see the community come together because of this. I am also sadden because it takes something like this to happen for the community to come together.

To you Cami, I will miss you greatly and please save a seat for me in heaven and I’ll see you some day in the future. Love you!


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