Traveling Rules 1-3

I plan to travel all over. I don’t mean just the United States, but the world. In the US I want travel to all 50 states.
  • Rule # 1: This may be a weird rule to some but to have a state count I must pee in that state or country. If you have a dream to travel like me, you must have some “rule” to make that stop/state count. So in my case I must pee in that state.
  • Rule # 2: Never travel alone. All my life I have been told that if I am going to go anywhere I must be with someone, meeting some one, or not gone longer than a few hours. So since I plan to travel the states and the countries I vow to never travel alone.
  • Rule # 3:  Travel with style. Meaning visit places off the beaten path. Go to buildings and sites that most tourist dont. Yes, its fun to see all the things that people know about, but when you are traveling, ooh lets just keep it to the US, stop in those dinky little towns and meet the locals. I live in a small town, about to move away, and know that the locals are the ones to talk to. So go find the local bar or where the place is to eat in town. 🙂

These are just my first three rules.. HAPPY TRAVELS. 🙂


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