Top 5 Must Travel Items

Top 5 Must Travel Items (1)

Once you travel enough you tend to be able to get your packing list down to science. Unfortunately, that isn’t me. Whenever I go some place, whether it is for 1 night or I’m gone for 3 weeks, I over-pack! I’m not talking slightly over packing, I pack things that I don’t ever touch on my trips. One day I hope I will learn, but until then happy packing!

What I do know is that there is 5 items that I cannot travel without!

  1. The one and most important thing I cannot travel without is my phone/Nikon D5100/Point-and-Shoot. I run a blog/Instagram for goodness’ sakes I need to be able to take pictures! If I didn’t have one of the listed about how would I have been able to take these beauties?

Looking Through The Lens @NatalesLens


2.  I need to bring a notebook! I want to be able to journal what I see and do on my vacations. My trips are so jam-packed that sometimes I don’t remember everything I did. So at the end of the day I go through and write exactly what I did. Sometimes its detailed and other times its just a list.

3. My fanny pack of course!


I loved walking around Seattle and Portland with my fanny pack! I was able to be so hands-free and be able to not have to carry around all my day’s needs. I was just a typical tourist the day this picture was taken! I loved it! Whether you walk around with a fanny pack, a backpack, or small pack, it’s great to be able to still do things and not have to keep setting your bag down or what have you.

4. This one may be childish, but I love traveling around with my stuffed cow. It gives me a little comfort when going out of my comfort zone gets a little too crazy for me. I guess you could say its a security blanket of sorts.


I had it with me as a reminder that everything was going to be okay. Something to tell me that what I was doing was something I have always wanted to do and there was no giving up. Traveling was in my heart and soul and this was just the beginning. It kept me going and kept me adventuring.

5. My adventurous soul

Not everything I bring with me is tangible. If you are wanting to be adventurous and have a great trip then don’t leave your adventurous soul at the door. Bring it with you, let it shine, and have a great trip! Being adventurous doesn’t always mean that you have to scale a mountain or fight off a grizzly bear. Sometimes it means just striking up a conversation with strangers.

My adventurous soul also lets me roll with the punches. Not everything goes as planned so just let what will happen happen. There is nothing you can do about it. Be open to anything and everything. It’ll make your trip much more enjoyable I promise you!


What are some items that you can’t travel with out? Let me know in the comments below!



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