Graduating College Part 2

Sophomore Year.
Side note: Sophomore is a very weird word.

First full year in the AIMC program. I joined AdGroup, which is the on campus Advertising Registered Student Organization. I didn’t like it then, and even though I am not in it, I don’t like it now.

I lived in my own room! I got out of the whole roommate situation. I guess college roommates just aren’t my thing. I love living by myself. I live by my rules and I know that if I make a mess it is my responsibility to clean it up. I also do not have anyone disrespecting me and my things.

I met two of the most AMAZING people on earth and even though it took us a full year to become friends it was the start of the greatest friendships I have ever had.

Besides the two mentioned above, I continued to meet a lot of other very influential people in my life.

I opened my heart up a little more. Let a little more love in and in return let a little more love out.

This year I learned to love being alone. I accepted the fact that being alone was a good thing.

I also opened my mind up to other people’s opinions and thoughts. Yes, I am talking about the controversial topics. I gained, what I think is, a better understanding of what other people think. This was a growing year. I am more accepting of people and their beliefs even if it goes against what I believe.

Other than that last one my sophomore year was very blah and boring.


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