Week Eleven Comes to a Close

Is been one hectic week.

I had a crazy Tuesday which cannot go into full detail because, well because I can’t. I had meetings and events which included bowling to go to. I was busy from sun up to sun down. Well 11 am to 11 pm. Yay college!

Oh I forgot to mention an exam on Monday which leads to my exam on Wednesday. Not sure how I did on either of them but I only did the best I could do.

Thursday was just as bad as Tuesday by things I cannot go into detail on, but just take my word for it. Let’s just say I wasn’t pleased on either of those days for things that were out of my control. Went out to the bar to relax and take my mind off things but it just made things worse when I was put into a very uncomfortable situation with people I didn’t know and I just wanted to leave. It was one of those times where you just wanted to crawl into your bed and shut the world off.

Friday came and I finished out my class week and heading to the city that will forever hold my heart, Grand Rapids. I went to my grandmother’s church’s Thanksgiving dinner. I went into a slight food coma and now I’m here writing this.

Enjoy your weekend!

Unfortunately I have no exciting plans. It is all work on projects and homework for me.


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